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Haworthia Collection

Haworthias are short-stemmed perennials from the Cacti family. These slow-growing plants have a fascinating range of shapes and colours, and often grow in clumps of rosettes.

Haworthias are native to parts of South and South West Africa. To protect themselves from the hot sun, they often grow well down in the soil, or under bushes and trees. Some Haworthias grow so far down in the soil that only the tips of their leaves show.

Our collection of Haworthias includes more than 1000 plants which were curated by Kiama’s Leo Cady over more than 40 years. Some of these Haworthias are more than 100 years old!

Mr Cady handed the care of his impressive private collection to Wollongong Botanic Garden, in partnership with the Friends of Wollongong Botanic Garden.

The Haworthia Collection is displayed in the Sir Joseph Banks Glasshouse, with specimens rotated regularly.


The Haworthia Collection is shown in the Sir Joseph Banks Glasshouse, in the north eastern section of the Garden.

See location 13 on the map below (or click the map to open a larger PDF version).

map of Wollongong Botanic Garden