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Jurassic Garden

The Botanic Garden has plants on display from all ages and eras including the primitive algae to the sophisticated and successful flowering plants. Students take themselves on a journey through history and the diversity of plants. It's a challenge. It's a team game. It's fun and educational.

What happens?

  • This is a self-directed tour of the garden, after a brief introduction, and demonstration on the various plant types on display here
  • The students become investigators, invited to solve the riddle of plant diversity from the most primitive organisms to the more modern flowering plants.
  • This is an opportunity for the students to work in small teams as they attempt to complete their tasks.

Curriculum links

Themes: Living world

  • SC4-14LW: relates the structure and function of living things to their classification, survival and reproduction
  • GE5-1: explains the diverse features and characteristics of a range of places and environments

Bookings and more information

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